Empowering Young People

At all continents of the world, the YMCA is working to empower young people and to transform communities with an embedded change model of SPACE – TRANSFORMATION – IMPACT. This model is a common DNA in our activities and that’s why being part of the YMCA is a life changing experience.

YMCA is about the power of a generation in movement, it is about a strong voice being heard about hope and care; every day, side by side with youth!

  1. Space: Imagine a space where you feel welcome, where you are  inspired by creativity and where you have a say. In this space you can  be who you want to be because it is safe. A space where you can realize  your talents, unlock your potential as human and give the best of you.

    The YMCA is an inclusive, creative and self-determined space for young people.

  2. Transformation: Imagine a transformation happening because of a  whole new set of life skills you can learn, because of values that  encourage your growth in faith and because you are allowed to make  mistakes and learn from it.

    The YMCA offers unique  transformational learning experiences for personal development in the  shape of values, skills/knowledge and opportunities to practice.

  3. Impact: Imagine the impact of a new mindset which integrates you  to a global and interconnected community and invites you to play a  leadership role transforming the realities around you and in the world  for the better.

    The YMCA helps young people to change  mindsets towards a global citizenship mentality and to influence change  by exercising leadership

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